Added new models 172339-1 and 172331-1
156 10 1 month ago
I have a problem with added this parts in my board. 172339-1 and 172331-1. > [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/lcsc/1810301244\_TE\-Connectivity\-172339\-1\_C210116\.pdf]( > [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/lcsc/2109292030\_TE\-Connectivity\-172331\-1\_C531715\.pdf]( I will wish use this connectors. LSCS has these connectors in the database, but they are not added to the circuit and to the board. > [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Connector\-Shells\_TE\-Connectivity\-172339\-1\_C210116\.html]( > [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Connector\-Shells\_TE\-Connectivity\-172331\-1\_C531715\.html]( Editor has onle this 770178-1. Pls help me... _Additional info_ [_](
andyfierman 1 month ago
If schematic symbols and PCB footprints for these two connectors are not in the Libraries (left hand panel or SHIFT+F) then you can build your own. Please study the Tutorial, (1) and the document (2.3) in Welcome to EasyEDA, (2) in:  [](
Reply 1 month ago
So it seems like the 3D model has already been created, but when you click on it to insert it on the board or into the circuit, a pop-up window appears "It's under designing, please wait."![Скриншот 27-10-2021 01.06.49.png](//
Reply 1 month ago
You open the model, and there is emptiness ... ![Скриншот 27-10-2021 01.08.32.png](//
Reply 1 month ago
Reply 1 month ago ![Скриншот 27-10-2021 01.08.44.png](//
Reply 1 month ago
Thank you so much for your work in structuring the training material on the portal. But before you point out what to learn, it would be nice for you to see what the menu has changed and is now different from what is in the manual.![Скриншот 27-10-2021 18.51.50.png](// [](<br> <br> Item 2
Reply 1 month ago
![Скриншот 27-10-2021 18.54.29.png](//
andyfierman 1 month ago, Can you temporarily change you language to English and then take some screenshots of what is in the manual at the moment please so that @UserSupport can see exactly what needs to be corrected. Thanks.
Reply 1 month ago
Oh sure. The model chose the format, but the engine still writes "select file". ![Скриншот 27-10-2021 21.07.17.png](// ![Скриншот 27-10-2021 21.07.56.png](//
andyfierman 1 month ago, Thanks.
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