Additional copper areas not rendering or routing anymore since yesterday
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Anupam Varghese 6 days ago
Hi, For some strange reason, when I opened easyEDA today, a few copper areas were no longer being recognized or routed (all was well on the SAME files yesterday). Only the first 2 copper areas were being recognized (bottom right side) and I had a total of 6 non-intersecting regions earlier. Any fix? ![copper_error.png](//
UserSupport 6 days ago
Hi Can you share your file to us? if you confirm it is a bug. [email protected] via [](
Anupam Varghese 6 days ago
There was a release update a few minutes ago (5.9.34) and now two sections 5 of the 7 copper planes are visible. 2 planes are still not rendering/ routing. (As mentioned earlier, it was all well till yesterday) Also sharing the source file with support as advised. ![copper_error_1.png](//
Anupam Varghese 5 days ago
Bug confirmed. Awaiting a fix in the next release, as informed by the wonderful support team. Thanks and cheers!
UserSupport 3 days ago
Hi at v5.9.34, this version the editor support to use board outline to cut out the inside board, for example: ![image.png](// but this function impact your design, we can't keep them exist together. so, please modify your design as: move the inner board outline shorter, and rebuild the copper area ![image.png](// Thank you
Anupam Varghese 3 days ago
Thanks for the suggested workaround. However, a. I believe that using NPTH for inner exclusions for PCB region is the better option b. Using NPTH will have zero conflicts/ confusion compared to using inner board outlines for achieving this result (inner exclusion zones) c. Inner outlines should simply be used for V-Cuts. Keeps things simple while supporting multiple board outlines too. Right? Regards, Anupam
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