Adjustable Thermal Relief/ Spokes
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Chris Wil 4 months ago
In many cases when designing a PCB it's desirable to adjust the thermal relief/ spokes, to make soldering easier by reducing the heat that is transferred into the copper fill. The features that would be most useful is: -Adjustable spoke length -Adjustable spoke width as a percentage of the size of the pad I see two main alternatives. The first one is having this as a setting to the copper fill. Which means it would happen to all the pads on the same net as the copper fill. The second one, which is preferable is to have it as a part of the settings for the pad.
andyfierman 4 months ago
@UserSupport, This is a good feature to have and there are two threads asking for almost the same things but it needs careful thought about how to implement it. * Please also refer to: []( and: [](
MiniMax 2 months ago
Hello, adjustable spoke size is very useful. Please put on the todo list. regards
MiniMax 2 weeks ago
Hello, is there any workaround to get the spokes smaler? This is driving me crazy because the pads are nearly not solderable on some pcbs. @Usersupport: please add this to your todo / feature list. regards
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