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[solved] [After import] column empty when updating (Pro version) - Nets not updating
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mijnmodelbaan 2 weeks ago
Hi, I finally managed to import a project from Std to Pro version of EasyEDA  ( [https://oshwlab\.com/mijnmodelbaan/mega\_motor\_n](  or  []( ). I checked the footprints, updated the PCB, corrected the errors and saved everything. Closed editor and went to bed. Opened the project again this morning and checked the PCB for changes in the schematics (standard routine for me). To my surprise there were errors! So somehow the changes weren't saved or I made a mistake myself. So went to the schematic, clicked [Design] > [Update/Convert schematic to PCB] and found there were some 20 'Update Net' actions on the list, about half of the number from yesterdays list. I did then have a better look at the list and found all the 'After import' fields are empty: ![image.png](// What am I doing wrong - what's (not) happening here - what did I forget ? There are 2 boards in the project. Each board has 5 components which go onto the PCB. Both boards show the same behaviour during updating. <br> Thanks in advance, BR//Willem. <br> [solution] The new concept of 'devices' solved this. I was using the imported symbols and footprints and this caused the error. After replacing the L1 component with a newly created device all worked fine.
UserSupport 3 days ago
Hi if your part's pin doesn't connect any wire which named by netflag, you will get the empty pads net
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