Annotation in WaveForm
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example 7 years ago
**Feature Request** It would be good if WaveForm plots could have text and other drawing objects (lines, shapes) added to them without having to export the plots first and then edit them in external s/w. This would allow users to mark points and add comments directly onto the WaveForm plots. Basically the WaveForm window would be very much like the other windows and would have a Drawing Toolbox. In fact text and lines can already be added to the WaveForm plots already using the **T** and **L** hotkeys but there are two problems with this: (i) as soon as the window is zoomed or resized; all the annotation is lost. (ii) The annotation is not saved when the WaveForm file is saved. (I know it is possible to do all this by editing the svg file in a text editor or in Inkscape but that is very clunky!) I have seen this asked for quite a lot in other packages.
dillon 7 years ago
Yes, we can do this.
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