Another +1 to Add .Step file support for 3d.
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Andrew Jorgensen 1 year ago
I know I've heard this is being worked on. I just wanted to add my thoughts in hopes it helps influence the outcome. Probably more to settle my frustration though if I am being honest. I do professional product design work, and spend a lot of time in various CAD programs. So far ironically EasyEDA is the fastest tool for completing my prototype PCBs that go in my projects. Eagle, KiCad. Are way overpowered, and overly complicated for the vast majority of my PCB work that goes in to consumer products. The EasyEDA/JLCPCB assembly and manufacturing service is just sooooooooo fast and straightforward. That being said. The one aggravating frustration about EasyEDA is that it doesn't support .Step format for importing 3d models for the 3d libs, and that you can't export a 3d model of your PCB. I get around this typically by exporting a dxf of the board, and then hunt down 3d models, or quickly build from scratch. Please please please switch to a model similar to Fusion360/Eagle or KiCad for 3d viewing and exporting. I just want a simple .Step export feature for my boards & components so that I can quickly drop them into my mechanical CAD package like I can with KiCad or Eagle and be done with it. And sure I can extrude a simple version of the dxf export of my board. But many times component placement is vital to the mechanical design that goes around the board, not just the general shape of the board. All that being said is there any time frame on any of the updated 3d features? I would easily drop $10 - $20 a month to have this feature in a pro-edition.
Aivan 1 year ago
I would like to have this as well, because most 3d models that I download are in .step format.
lynxlabeling 7 months ago
Yes, please add .step format. It is the industry standard for 3d models. This feature should be top priority.
sundbyk 3 months ago
I agree, need this to keep using EasyEDA. 3D designer are giving me a hard time because of this missing feature.
markoverbancic 4 weeks ago
I agree. Would it be possible to receive an update from the EasyEDA team on whether this feature is coming soon?
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