Assign attributes to an image imported into a copper layer

  andyfierman, 2 months ago

Feature Request

Brief title for your desired feature:

Assign Net and Solid/Cutout/NPTH attributes to an image imported into a copper layer as if it were a Solid Region.

How would you like the feature to work?

If an image is imported into a copper layer, there needs to be at least a Net attribute available to allow the copper representing the image to be assigned to a net so that it could be assigned to a different net from any surrounding copper. Then it will have a clearance set all the way round it.

Another possibly useful attribute would be to be able to assign it a status of Solid, Cutout or NPTH in the same way that can be applied to a Solid Region.

Maybe what should happen is that an imported image is somehow converted to being represented in the PCB editor as a Solid Region?

Why is this feature important to you?

Without the Net attribute, an image imported into a copper layer becomes merged with any other traces or copper areas on that layer.

With the ability to assign a net to the imported image-as-copper, the image can be surrounded by a clearance so that it still visible.

  • The Solid/Cutout/NPTH attributes further increase the flexibility of this feature for example making it possible to make PCBs into functional Artworks.




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