Auto create tool for pads in PCB Lib Editor
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sonyvaioman 6 years ago
Having to align pads by mouse or by inputting x/y values for each pad is not very productive. I should be able to place a single pad, then select a tool and input number of rows and columns of pads and horizonal and vertical pitch and have the pads copied, placed and auto-numbered. Pitch should support negative pitch to have the pads create above or to the left instead of below and to the right.
dillon 6 years ago
In this case, if you can use, you will find it is easy. You can use script to create pads.
sonyvaioman 5 years ago
FYI this is the script I use. I still think this would be a useful built-in tool to create PCB libs. Select the first pad, numbered 0, then run the script to create the given number of rows/colums, works well for grids/SIP/DIP but not for QFP. // SET THESE (units are canvas units) var columns = 8; var rows = 8; var hpitch = 16; var vpitch = 16; // LEAVE THIS var count = 1; var selected = api('getSelectedIds'); var newObjs = [selected]; for(var h=1; h<columns; h++){ var newId = api('clone', {ids:[selected]}); count = count + 1; api('updateShape', { "shapeType": "PAD", "jsonCache": { "gId": newId[0], "number": count }}); api('moveObjs', {objs:newId, addX: api('valConvert', {type:'real2canvas',val:(h*hpitch)})}); newObjs.push(newId); } for(var v=1; v<rows; v++){ var newRow = api('clone', {ids:newObjs}); api('moveObjs', {objs:newRow, addY: api('valConvert', {type:'real2canvas',val:(v*vpitch)})}); for(var i=0; i<newRow.length; i++){ count = count + 1; api('updateShape', { "shapeType": "PAD", "jsonCache": { "gId": newRow[i], "number": count }}); } }
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