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Autorouter set to route SMD components onto other layers must have SMD components layer enabled for routing.
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andyfierman 2 months ago
To Autoroute SMD components, the layer that those SMD components are on **must** be selected in: Router Layers > **Configure Layers** If that layer is not selected then the Autorouter cannot route a short segment of track from a single layer pad on the SMD component to a via to then transfer the routing onto any other layer. Here is the schematic for a simple project with 5 through-hole in a circuit and 5 SMD resistors in the same way in a copy of the circuit. ![image.png](// And here is the PCB: The SMD resistors are on the top layer. The (Local) Autorouter is set to route on the bottom layer only: ![image.png](// ![image.png](// Only the 10 connections to the through hole pins are attempted and completed. No attempts have been made to route top layer 0603 SMD resistors on bottom layer. ![image.png](// Through hole resistors on top layer route on bottom layer only with no problems but no vias are placed to route top layer 0603 SMD resistors on bottom layer.
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