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BOM Including Disabled Items / Select Direction Oddities
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Scott Berry 6 months ago
First issue.. for some reason in recent versions the BOM is including items which are set to NO on the BOM include in both the schematic and the PCB view. Double confirmed this. v6.5.37 Desktop on Mac Second thing, not sure when this started. If you try and select almost anything in either Schematic or PCB mode if you start from the top left fewer items will be selected. Even if the items are clearly and entirely within the bounds of the selected area (marquee). If you start from the bottom/right side then all items are easily selected and more. Meaning items not fully or even within the marquee at all are selected. While this is an interesting scenario when you get used to it, I am getting annoyed by it. Again, it clearly happens, I can easily repeat it and make a video. I've reinstalled, no change. I would assume that the ideal scenario is that anything which is fully or partially within the marquee selection area should be included in the selection.. that OR the if 50% or more of an item is within the area, select it, etc. Not sure, but it's annoying. Also, the auto-router is making tons of small sections of track for one, what should be, entire net of a single connected piece of track. This makes re-routing some areas really tedious unless you delete the entire net, which isn't always what I want. This is sort of similar to how the auto board outline creates a single connected track except one corner... I don't understand that. Why not making a complete rectangle or track so it's easy to resize?
haidy_easyeda 6 months ago
<font _mstmutation="1" _msttexthash="91319878" _msthash="478">你好,可以参考这个关于bom的教程:</font><font _mstmutation="1">[BOM 导出在组件属性中设置为否,还是可以导出到 BOM?- 飞书云文档 (](</font> <font _mstmutation="1"></font><font _mstmutation="1" _msttexthash="57545592" _msthash="752">我不太明白你的第二个问题。</font>
Scott Berry 1 month ago
Hi Haidy, It looks like your link is for EasyEDA Pro maybe? My STD version does not look like this for the BOM export. This is still an issue even with newer versions of EasyEDA. Component is set to NO for Add To BOM in both Schematic and PCB and still it is exported. It is easy to ignore in JLC PCB creation, but it is better to know if items are actually missing and not just listing all components I've selected NO for. For the second question, when an auto routed net is created each line segment is an individual line, not connected to the next line. They overlap, but are not joined. When routing manually the wire is one continuous line segment that is joined together. This is how auto routing should work. When you have individual line segments it is harder to adjust the auto routed trace.
haidy_easyeda 1 month ago
Hello. 1\. After testing\, even in the standard version\, if you set a component in the schematic to not be added to the bom table\, the component will not appear in the bom table when exporting the BOM table\. I can successfully verify this operation\. If you have a problem with your file\, please send me the file and I will test it for you\. 2\. For your comment that there are overlapping line segments in the auto wiring is not very clear\, you can take a screenshot of the error and let me know\. Please contact me at my email address: [](<br> <br>
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