BOM and CPL file don't work when panelize function is used
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andresantosgodinho 11 months ago
Hi, Recently i tried making a smal pcboard that required me to do a panel and then i wanted to get them assembled by JLCPCB but when the panel was created in EasyEDA, the Pick and Place file and the BOM file don´t show up as they should... they only consider the original board and not the panel... this creates problems when i try to get a quote from JLCPCB's SMT service. Please fix this or advise if there is a way to overcome this Thanks
UserSupport 11 months ago
It only export single board's pick and place location even you using the Panlize tool. if you panelize manually, pick and place file will contain every board's component location.
mrv96 11 months ago
I have the same issue of [andresantosgodinho]( Please try to fix this is the next releases, for both stamp holes and v-cut panelization.
bwinter 10 months ago
I am unable to "panelize manually" (i.e., "Panel By JLCPCB).  I get an error/warning message that prevents me from choosing SMT Assembly. The error message only references "2x4 layer, green, 1.6 board, 1 oz and min dimension of 20x20."  I don't see how setting a panel triggers the above warning. Is there a reference on how we are to panelize a board for SMT?
very.little.yoda 9 months ago
Hi bwinter []( SMT Assembly FAQs 8\. What are your requirements for the panelized board? * Please panelize your boards with stamp holes, V-cut panels are not supported currently.
nir_be 9 months ago
@UserSupport Hi How can i do it manually? i need to multiple the schematics and lay all the layout again it insane
UserSupport 9 months ago
@nir_be hi [](
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