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BUG: Update From Library hangs browser
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daxliniere 4 months ago
In the schematic and PCB editors, if you select, say, 40 of the same part and choose Update From Library, the modal window that opens is extremely slow. Clicking the 'select all' checkbox in the top left corner hangs the browser for 30+ seconds. During that time, Chrome displays 'webpage not responding' warnings. If you wait, it will eventually work. Even selections of around 20 of the same part will cause this hanging behaviour. Please let me know if you would like any further details. All the best, Dax Liniere.
UserSupport 3 months ago
Hi we test one schematic it works, please export your schematic as EasyEDA format and send to us, we will have a look and you can update them one by one, via right-click the part and use Update From Library ![图片.png](//
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