Best practice for routing small components
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dogancoruh 6 months ago
Is there a best practice for routing small pcb components? For example my GND thickness is 0.4mm but the component package leg thickness is smaller than that. So router fails to connect these small legs to GND line. For example HMC5883L magnetometer package. I tried to connect them manually by pads and set them as locked. Router does not remove my pads. Ok, it is fine but it also creates extra pads as same as my pads. So this is not a solution for me... I need to connect the gnd and 3.3v lines of HMC5883L by routing... Is there a way? Regards...
andyfierman 6 months ago
Please post some screenshots,  an animated gif or the link to a public project that illustrates this behaviour. Thanks.
dogancoruh 4 months ago
![problem.jpg](// When a component's legs are too small and the clearing of the legs is a bit tight to each other, i need to decrease my track and clearance width to a smaller value. But for example, i use my GND track's width as 0.4mm, the auto router never connects GND connections of the component because of the clearance rules and the routing fails. There must be an option to define the width of GND connections (parts) that connects with that component, because this small component will not work with a high current, but the other parts of my pcb works. Is there a way to define that? and i cannot see a special net name to customize the connections that i told, because it is GND... It is the same for VCC too...
dogancoruh 4 months ago
And the picture that i sent, is finished success result because i decreased the track and clearance widths... Also i modified the components pins too... There must be a way without that type of work...
andyfierman 4 months ago
You will always have to hand craft some tracks in a PCB design. You can define tracks to have different Design Rules so that for example nets labelled as "VCC" have one set of rules and nets labelled as "small_signal" has smaller track and clearance rules. [](
dogancoruh 4 months ago
If i am wrong please correct me. You mean to create a new design real named "small_signal" and i can assign this rule to desired nets right? But what if there is no net name that i want to modify in the net list? Because you cannot create a custom net for a component that connected to VCC or GND. System shows it as VCC or GND. And if i modified one of them, it covers the entire design, not my single components pin connection to that line. By rubbing auto router the right way a bit, i completed to design over 20 different circuit designs without single net/track modification. So i am trying to find an automatic way to define custom nets that works with auto router...
tobalt 4 months ago
you can place an additional GND plane around your small components with the small clearence rules. go to Copper Area Manager and put this ground plane before your major general GND plane (the one with the wider clearence).
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