Better search (only list parts that contain both words)
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gamerpaddy 1 week ago
please add better search when searching something with more than one word it looks for either word, not for both. like when searching "1k R0805" it lists all components that have 1k in its name, aswell as all components with R0805 in its name. but not the thing i need resistor at 1k in 0805 format. it gets worse on search term "51k R0805" especially in assembly tab wont find any 51kohm resistors at all. please add modifiers to search like 51k+R0805 so the item has to match both words to show up. like "51k+Basic+R0805" shows 51kohm resistor in 0805 from the basic parts <br> ![](
UserSupport 1 week ago
change part type to JLCPCB Assembled and search
pommie 6 days ago
I would also like the above option and don't understand your comment "change part type to JLCPCB Assembled and search" as it appears that is exactly what the OP has done. Can you explain your comment more? Mike.  Reply
mchahn 3 days ago
The library search is so useless that I go to the jlpcb assem site, search for a part, copy the jlcpcb part number, go back to the schematic, open the library, paste the part number in the search box, click on the submit button, select the part in the list, and click on "place".  This is ridiculous. This and the broken undo in the schematics drive me crazy.
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