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Board Cutout - Gerber Generation JLCPCB Conflict
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cjohnson 6 days ago
Placed an order for one of our boards designed in EasyEDA Std that has potting cutouts in the middle of the board to allow potting compound to seep through the board. Received feedback from JLCPCB asking if I wanted the cutout to be to the outside of the gerber lines or the inside, when the outside of the cutout should always be the center of the line. Here's JLCPCB's rules on board cutout lines in the Gerber Files per their response ![image.png](// Here's the lines generated from EasyEDA std when using "Board Cutout" ![image.png](// Here's the layout in EasyEDA Std ![image.png](//![image.png](//
cjohnson 6 days ago
Weirdly, this is the only one in the design that does this. The other 8 cutouts in the board are just fine. This cutout also looks different than the other "Solid Region Board Cutouts." They were all created the same way though. Draw a trace on the top layer representing the shape I want to cutout, then convert to board cutout. ![image.png](//
cjohnson 6 days ago
I changed the solid region from board cutout to solid, then moved it to the document layer. Traced it on the top layer using traces and reconverted it to a board cutout. Now it looks the same as the others. Very weird, but now the gerbers look normal so this issue shouldn't happen again. ![image.png](//
andyfierman 6 days ago
Two things: In ![image.png]( the red "line" in the Top Layer appears to be made up from two lines: the corners show a small gap where the radii don't overlap. I wonder if this is why the question about "inside" or "outside" arose? Also should the line(s) not be on the Board Outline Layer? 2) In:  ![image.png](  ![image.png](  again, should the polygon defining the cutout not be on the Board Outline Layer? 2) In:
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