Board outline not detected if only top/bottom layers are used
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andreasbernhofer 6 months ago
When I only use top/bottom copper/mask layers in EasyEDA, the board outline is not detected by the JLCPCB order preview and gerber analysis. Also, if the mask layer is empty, the mask is not shown on the order preview. I have to add a hole/via/th-pad inside the board outline for it to work. Example: ![2020-10-04 13_29_14-EasyEDA - A Simple and Powerful Electronic Circuit Design Tool.png](// ![2020-10-04 13_32_20-PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer - JLCPCB.png](// ![2020-10-04 13_32_35-PCB Prototype - JLCPCB.png](// ![2020-10-04 13_32_50-PCB Prototype - JLCPCB.png](//
charles cote 2 months ago
Did you find a solution?  I have the same issue.
andreasbernhofer 2 months ago
@clonecharle1_7846 no, but since JLC confirmed that it's only the preview that is faulty, it's not problem. The PCB will be manufactured fine. JLC recommends you actually check the generated gerber files with Gerbv.
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