Bugged Footprint Lib: cannot assign PCB Footprint
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terryjmyers 6 months ago
I have many at least 50 PCB schematic Libs with at least 50 foot prints. I've never had any issues linking them up or using them in a PCB I've actually created and ordered. For some reason I am unable to assign the footprint I have labled "MICROSD MODULE 0.1 HEADERS BUGGED" to any Schematic Lib. specifically I'm trying to assign it to "MicroSD Module 0.1" Headers". In order to get around this I literally just copied everything to a new footprint lib. When I named this library anything called "MICROSD MODULE 0.1" HEADERS XXXXX" where X was any other text, the footprint library got bugged. I finnally just copied everything (again..from "MICROSD MODULE 0.1 HEADERS BUGGED") to a footprint called "MICROSD CARD BREAKOUT" and was able to assign it to "MicroSD Module 0.1" Headers" without problems I thought someone might want to take a look at this to see what went wrong. I'll keep it around for a few weeks.
Tutorials 2018-01-11 14:51:04
Hi I can't repeat this issue, can you give me some images? thank you.
terryjmyers 2018-01-12 01:11:08
Public project: https://easyeda.com/terryjmyers/ElectronicLoad-1829ad18f29c47f8b4ed13fb7c962bb7 Footprint: https://easyeda.com/component/MICROSD_MODULE_0_1_HEADERS-57648570996943939dbf479003ce3906
andyfierman 2018-01-11 17:02:35
Can you post a link to a public project in which you are trying to use this footprint? Can you post a link to this footprint from: https://easyeda.com/terryjmyers/components Thanks.
Tutorials 2018-01-12 09:28:11
Hi It is a bug, we will fix this at the major verison. at now, please remove `MICROSD MODULE 0.1" HEADERS XXXXX` double quotation marks, to `MICROSD MODULE 0.1 HEADERS XXXXX`. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /editor/20180112/5a580eeeecd55.png
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