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Bugs in Instruments and Meters
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andyfierman 1 week ago
Please see: [](<br> <br> **Waveform names in Function Generator are confusing.** TRIANGULAR WAVE in right hand panel should be renamed SAWTOOTH to match name displayed in XFG1 in schematic. OR XFG1 SAWTOOTH name displayed in schematic should be renamed TRIANGLE to match name displayed in right hand panel. XFG1 SQUARE name displayed in schematic should be renamed RECTANGLE to match name displayed in right hand panel. <br> **Oscilloscope default timebase and vertical scales are wrong.** After 1st simulation, the vertical and horizontal grids do not match the 1ms/div and 1V/div values. Correct vertical scaling is only shown after first user edit of values. Timebase is changed to correct time/div but no longer fills screen if it is changed from the 1ms default value. If the View Meter button is clicked before running the simulation for the 1st time then Timebase is corrupted. Oscilloscope grid X axis does not scale to fill oscilloscope display area (screen). **Adding a Voltmeter generated WaveForm plot with no warning.**Without Voltmeter XMM1 in the schematic, the sim just gives an Oscilloscope readout that can only be viewed after clicking View Meter and the Ammeter readout is visible directly in the meter display in the schematic. Adding a Voltmeter unexpectedly generates a WaveForm plot of the oscilloscope traces! If the user wants a WaveForm plot then they should place a Voltage Probe from the Wiring Tools palette.
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