Can somone make me a schematic?
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Exosceleton 8 months ago
Hi! Can someone design me a crcuit I found from internet? (Its a DSSTC) Circuit: ![](![PLss.png](//![PLSSS.png](//
Exosceleton 8 months ago
PS:I can make the pcb layout myself
andyfierman 8 months ago
@Exosceleton, 1. You and anyone else considering working on this are advised that this is potentially an extremely dangerous project. It has lethal voltage at the mains input and at the Tesla coil. 2. Unless you have extensive prior experience of designing, debugging and working with Tesla coils and their driving circuitry and are absolutely sure that you understand the risks and how to mitigate them, you are very strongly advised to cease work on this project. 3. If you take some time to learn to create your schematic in EasyEDA then you will have a much easier time creating your PCB in EasyEDA too with a much higher confidence that the project will work at least as well as the original. <br> <br>
Markus_ee 8 months ago
@Exosceleton I sent you a PM, if you are interested in hiring me to do it. Though, I do not take responsibility if you get electrocuted from this project :-D Regards, Markus Virtanen HW / Electonics Designer
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