Can't place components on the Document layer
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MikeDB 3 months ago
I've a front panel design I'm having made using the standard PCB process.  I've taken the electronics PCB and pasted it onto the front panel PCB, deleted all the tracks and unnecessary holes, then placed holes for all the pots and sockets in the correct place.  But rather than delete them, it would be nice to transfer all the components with holes to the document layer in case I need to move them later, but EasyEDA doesn't seem to allow it.  Any there any wordarounds to this ?
UserSupport 3 months ago
Component doesn't support document layer, only for top or bottom layer. you can ungroup it and change the track layer to document layer.
MikeDB 3 months ago
Yes I know it doesn't.  Could you add it as a future feature as it would be very useful
cjohnson 3 months ago
@MikeDB I think you may want to attach a picture of what you are trying to do, to help clarify what the details of the feature you want need to be.
MikeDB 3 months ago
@cjohnson Good idea.   Below you can see the board where I've started with the routed PCB design with an LCD and rotary encoders.  I place the holes in all the correct places and could just then delete them leaving the holes.  However it would be better if I could send the LCD and encoders to the document layer so that if I need to move them slightly later it is easier to do. ![image.png](//
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