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Cannot Copy & Paste from one PCB to another (EasyEDA Pro)
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omidalavi 6 days ago
Hello, I cannot copy and paste anything from one PCB tab to another PCB tab. I can do it with EasyEDA Standard, but it doesn't work on Pro Editor. Is there any solution to this? Thank you all.
haidy_easyeda 6 days ago
<font _mstmutation="1">Dear Sir or Madam,</font> <font _mstmutation="1">Hello, I am a technician from Easyeda. Thanks for contacting us and sorry for keeping you waiting.  In order to help you better, Could you please explain it in detail?</font> <font _mstmutation="1"></font>If you need to copy the components of the pcb to another pcb, you can select the components, press the shortcut key "ctrl+c", and then press "ctrl+shift+v" on the other pcb, you can copy and paste.If you can't solve this problem, please send the project file to this email and let me help you see the problem:[](<font _mstmutation="1"></font> <font _mstmutation="1">I look forward to hearing from you!</font><br> <br>
clispe h 5 days ago
You may have to try several(3 more) times to copy it. I think this is a bug. (STD V6.5.34)
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