Cannot delete shape using API
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MadOverlord 2 months ago
The API documentation does not explain how to delete a shape: []( In fact, it says this: **Delete Shapes** **Removing shapes by follow code** Except, there is no code example! In my case, I need to delete a track. I have tried an educated guess, such as: ``` api('deleteShape', {id:'gge13'}) ``` I've also tried just setting the shape to have no points, as in: ```                                 api('updateShape', {                                         "shapeType": "TRACK",                                         "jsonCache": {                                         "gId": t2.gId,                                         "pointArr": []                                     }                                     }); ``` The script I'm writing ought to be very handy for a lot of people. When you're designing and redesigning a board, often your tracks get subdivided. Then when you try and move things around, only part of the track moves; you have to move each subpart and delete any bits that are hanging on. The script does two things: 1. It looks for pairs of tracks that have the same net, layer, and width, and where the start/end of one is also the start/end of the other. It combines them into a single track. 2. Within any track, it looks for triplets of points (a,b,c) that are in line (ie: slope(a,b) == slope(b,c)) and replaces them with the pair (a,c), simplifying the track. I have it completely working except for deleting the redundant track. Much obliged for any help that can be provided.
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