Cannot build the Copper Area

  CANOX.NET, 4 months ago

Hello everybody,

I work the first time with EasyEDA and I am very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, I always get the hint:

"Please build the Copper Area! ..."

But when I click the Copper Area and click on "Rebuild CopperArea", absolutely nothing happens. (TopLayer and BottomLayer).

Tested with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Does anyone know how I can make the Copper Area anyway



Can you make your project public so we can advise?


This problem occurs with all my created projects. I have also deleted the CopperAre several times and re-created but that brings also nothing.


Sorry but your schematic is confusingly drawn and your PCB has errors such as the SDA and SCL pins appearing to be shorted and the pin labels on the BME280 being in copper instead of the top layer silkscreen.

Part of the trouble is that there was a problem with the parts you had chosen from the library.

These are now fixed.

First, please see:

Next: delete your old schematics (you do not need the one with just the VCC and GND symbols in anyway) and PCB and then create a new schematic using the:

  1. WEMOS D1 MINI V2.3.0

  2. Atmospheric Sensor Breakout - BME280

schematic symbols from the System Components library.

Then click on the Convert Project to PCB... button in the schematic editor then do your PCB layout and then read:

More background info here:

(I am in the process of writing this detailed tutorial on how to create a schematic and then do a PCB design. It is a work-in-progress and will eventually make it onto the EasyEDA site but it is useful as it is right now and you can see the current draft at the above url.)


1.Set the copper a net as already existing net
2.If copper net is empty, and you don't need a net, you need set keep island.
enter image description here

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