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Change footprint of user contributed schematic
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FullMetalJack 2 months ago
Hi, first of all i know there are alot of similar questions like mine but sadly they are all a little bit different and do not solve my problem. My problem: I search for a part in the library in the "User Contributed" section, i find the correct one and place it in my schematic. Now after some time i want to edit the footprint of it. I can click on the part in the schematic and then on the footprint. After that the footprint manager is opening and showing me the schematic symbol and the footprint. The problem here is, there is no way to edit this footprint or create a copy from this exact footprint. The only way i know is to search for the footprint name in the library manager and (hopefully) find the correct one i used before because there are so many footprints with the exact same name. Note: i am NOT talking about footprints i created myself. Those ones are in the footprints tab in "Work Space". There is a [feature request 4 years ago]( with the same problem and over a 1000 views but no comments or anything. So my question is, has this ever been implemented or is there any way to do it? Thanks in advance for any advice
UserSupport 2 months ago
Hi we Got it
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