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Change width of PCB layers
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Aviv Bello 5 days ago
Hi all, Can I change my PCB layer width? and if yes, how do I do this? Thanks! Aviv
andyfierman 5 days ago
EasyEDA Std has no awareness of PCB stackup structure, dimensions or materials. You start by deciding how many layers you think you will need (2, 4 or 6 layers are the standard stackups offered by JL:CPCB but they can do more layers on request): Set up the required number of copper layers in the Layers tool in the PCB Editor; Do your layout. If you need controlled impedance then refer to: []( and: [](; You will have to manually calculate the widths of - and route - any controlled impedance tracks. My preferred tool for controlled impedance design is MDTLC: [](<br> <br> * If you are on a budget then do not use the autorouter as this will probably use more layers than you can get down to with a careful manual routing job. * It is also strongly recommended that unless you have considerable experience in PCB layout for controlled impedances or Signal Integrity, you do not use the autorouter and instead do your routing manually.
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