Changing layer settings unconfigures top & bottom layers

  provideyourown, 5 months ago


Concise problem statement: Changing the layer settings results in the top & bottom layer becoming 'unconfigured', i.e. they are no longer visible in the layer toolbar.

Steps to reproduce bug:

  1. Open the layer settings dialog.

  2. Make a change - color or marking a layer configured. Save settings.

  3. To fix: Open source file and change the 3rd flag in the top & bottom layers to true.

Results: Top & bottom layer have disappeared from the layers toolbar.

Expected results: Top & Bottom layers to not be changed.

Browser: Vivaldi



Please use Chrome and Firefox, we only support these two browsers, I test on my side, I can't reduce this issue. Can you try with Chrome again?


I am using chrome and have the same problem


An the "fix" part of his comment, i do not know what i have to do, i was trying to find some "source file" but not sure what source and where...


Document > EasyEDA Source...


I cannot reproduce the original bug in Chrome, Chromium, Firefox.

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