Clearance error on my first PCB
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Dimitri Mathieu 2 weeks ago
Hello all, After a bit of learning electronic, I'd like to create my first PCB. I know my design is probably horrible but for a first test I just want it to work like it does on my breadboard. My problem is some clearance errors that I don't understand. Here is the link to my project : []( Thank a lot for your help.
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
You A0 and D0 symbols at connector P1 are not schematic symbols, they are drawing elements. ![image.png](// They have no meaning to the netlister so the nets at P1 are not labelled as A0 and P0 but as P1\_3 and P1\_4\. Therefore, the tracks do not connect to the correctly labelled resistor pads: ![image.png](// Place the correct netlabelling flags and the errors will go away. :)
Dimitri Mathieu 2 weeks ago
Thank you, you were right. I edited my schematic with net port and it's now working without error :)
rhazzed 1 week ago
I am in the process of making my first design and having the same issue.  Where and How does one edit the net port / netlabeling?  These errors are driving me crazy as I have not been able to figure out how to fix it,      Thank you,
andyfierman 1 week ago
@rhazzed, Chose one from the Schematic Tools floating palette or press the N key in the Schematic Editor. Place in the schematic then double click on it to edit the name. Click outside the text box to close the text editing mode. They are also available from the left hand EELlib panel. * Please note that all this basic stuff is covered in the Tutorial.
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