Clearance issue with (hidden?) text
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Hello, First time user here, have been using this form a lot to learn the program. I have made my first PCB, and I have solved all my DRC errors, expect the last four. Which I dont understand. All 4 errors are clearance issues between a part and Text(). There are all in the same region from each other. But I cant figure out what is the problem. Am i missing something? I have published my project, so you should have access to it: [](<br> <br> Any other tips on improving my first PCB design are also welcome! ![image.png](//
Nevermind, not sure what happen, but I deleted the text of the Condensator (C3) and now its ok. <br> <br> <br> <br>
And it is back again. I have no idea what the problem is. See the attached screenshot: ![image.png](//![image.png](//
andyfierman 6 days ago
@mschinkelshoek, When I look at your PCB: [](<br> <br> the same DRC errors show up. You cannot see the problem because for C7, you have set Display Prefix = No: ![image.png](// Make it visible then you will find that the text for C7 has been moved onto the Top Layer copper: ![image.png](// Set the Prefix back to TopSilkLayer and the DRC errors are cleared: ![image.png](//
@andyfierman Thanks Andy! I fixed it.
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