Coloured Fill Overlays
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Chris56000 6 years ago
**Feature Request** Brief title for your desired feature: How would you like the feature to work? A facility to overlay coloured shapes with varying transparency over the circuit diagram would be very useful!!! Why is this feature important to you? This feature is very useful for denoting blocks of circuitry or individual boards/assemblies and was used a great deal on Continental Service Manuals in the 1970s and 1980s!!!
example 6 years ago
Hi Chris, Welcome to EasyEDA. You place a coloured area behind any part of the schematic by doing this: i) Draw a shape from the **Drawing Tools** pallette; ii) Choose a fill colour from the right hand **Properties** panel; iii) Then go to the top toolbar and select: >**Align > Send to Back**
Reply 2 months ago
I would like to draw shielding over some parts of the circuit. For this, it would be nice to add an escaping function or the ability to fill blocks with hatching with translucent tones, for example, like here:![]( it's very powerful feature!
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