'Coming Soon' and other 'My Account' display problems in Chrome and Firefox
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andyfierman 4 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: 1) When viewing a project in: >https://easyeda.com/username/projectname often, not all the documents in the project are displayed correctly. For some documents, all that is shown is a grey **Coming Soon** rectangle. 2) For a given project, what is shown correctly and what is shown as **Coming Soon** is different between Firefox and Chrome: Firefox: ![enter image description here][1] Chrome: ![enter image description here][2] Browser: Chrome and Firefox on Linuxmint KDE 17.2 [1]: /editor/20151007/5614498e77bb2.png [2]: /editor/20151007/56144a4e139f0.png
dillon 4 years ago
The preview images just be updated a few minutes after you updated the contents.
example 4 years ago
Looks like it's a cache problem in Firefox. I looked at the same things in Chrome and Firefox on W7 just now. Chrome showed all the pictures OK now but Firefox still showed the **Coming Soon** blocks like last night. I had to do **Ctrl+F5** to refresh it. Now thay are OK in Firefox too.
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