Component footprints
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cc_CGB 4 days ago
Hi, Is it possible to add multiple footprints for a component? e.g a resistor with 0402, 0603 and thru-hole Thanks
andyfierman 4 days ago
@cc_CGB, If you mean have a symbol with a drop down selection list for applicable footprints then no (although that would make a very nice Feature Request!) You can however assign any footprint you like to a Schematic Symbol by clicking on the Footprint Attribute in the right hand panel and then using the Footprint Manager to reassign the footprint and pin mappings as required. Or you can clone a Schematic Symbol and assign the desired footprint to it, saving it with a suffix to uniquely identify that this is the symbol for a device in a DIP8 or a SOIC8 package, such as: TL081_DIP8 TL081_SOIC8
andyfierman 4 days ago
"...e.g a resistor with 0402, 0603 and thru-hole..." You have to be careful with this idea though. There is much more to the schematic symbol than just the footprint because each package variant will have a different supplier and possibly manufacturer and a different supplier and manufacturer part number and link to a datasheet which must be included if you wish create an accurate BOM for component ordering. This is **essential** for boards that you want to have assembled by JLCPCB. * So you need to not just change the footprint but you also need to change all the other relevant attributes to reflect the change to a physically different part.
Markus_ee 4 days ago
Hi! It is true that some component footprints are related to the height of component. For example you have very high 0603 capacitor, therefore, you need a bit more surface area in order to get more solder paste printed on SMT assembly. But this is a bit more advanced "tinkering". However, the pad area is defined thoroughly in IPC standards. []( It has been very "fun" to read those IPC standards in order to become qualified according to this standard. :-)
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