Component name changes without user telling so! Wrong Opamps all over the place ...
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tobalt 2 months ago
I believe this is a bug that can cause quite some trouble with wrong BOMs and so on, so I hope it will be fixed very quickly. Example: 1. Build/Open a circuit with some opamps and save. Let's call this Project A. (I have only noticed this bug when using opamps with subparts. Probably the bug reproduces also with other subparts that are not Opamps.) 2. Open another tab in the editor with another schematic from another project. Project B. 3. Copy/Paste the opamp subparts from the Project A schematic to the Project B schematic. 4. Rename the "name" of the opamp symbols in the Project B schematic. You might want to use another opamp in this project after all. 5. Look into the Project A schematic. The parts here have changed their names although this was never requested by the user. Now I have to dig through all my projects from which I might have copied some parts/symbols into newer projects and check if their part names are still as they should be. :(
andyfierman 2 months ago
Can you post some screenshots or an animated gif to demonstrate? Or post the link to a couple of dummy projects to demonstrate you usage case? Thsnks.
tobalt 2 months ago
Sure. 1.) Open this project: []( 2\.\) Open \*any\* other project in a second editor tab\, e\.g\. via the "Open Project\.\.\." button\. This can be also a new blank project\. 3.) Copy the all components from bugdemo into your schematic. Then select them all and change the "Name" Attribute to something else, e.g. 'TL082' 4.) Go back to the bugdemo tab. The name of U1.1 .. U1.3 has magically changed to TL082. 5.) Even if you go to your project and undo the change, the name will revert only in your project, but not in bugdemo.
UserSupport 2 months ago
Hi Issue confirmed. we will fix it at next release, thank you
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