Connect Pad to Pad tool is broken in V4.10.3
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andyfierman 2 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: Connecting pads using the `Connect Pad to Pad` tool does not work correctly. Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Open a new PCB 2. Place two R0805 packages 3. Click `Connect Pad to Pad` tool button 4. Join pads R1_1 to R2_1 and R1_2 to R2_2 with ratlines using `Connect Pad to Pad` tool 5. Save PCB 6. Move R1 or R2 Results: Observe that 1) name of pad from which ratline is started does not change from pin number to auto-generated netname 2) when part is moved the ratlines do not follow pads. Expected results: 1) name of both joined pads and ratline all change to auto-generated netname 2) Ratlines should follow pads. Note that if PCB is closed then re-opened the ratlines the name of both joined pads and ratline do all change to auto-generated netname and ratlines follow pads when part is moved. Note that if pads are joined by traces instead of ratlines then pad names change to netnames and traces follow part when moved. Browser: Chrome / Linux
Tutorials 2 years ago
Yes, we already know that, this function is using less, will be fixed later. thanks
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