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Constantly getting a Server Error
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I'm constantly getting a Gateway Error all the time even for simple simulations, so EASYEDA Std SIM is useless now?, it works only 1 out 50 times I try.  This began some weeks ago and I like to simulate everything I send to PCB production to JLCPBC. <br> ![err.jpg](//
andyfierman 1 week ago
@otakorp, Your project is private so only you can see it. If you can make the simulation public and share it or add me to your project so I can run it privately then I could see if it runs for me.
@andyfierman it looks like if my account is considered a bot, I'm thinking of a DDos attack protection or something, I'm in mexico, and this happen even if a change computers, it happen in my home and in the office. I can get only a couple of simulations in the day.  ![Image1.jpg](//
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
No problem with running simulations: they work OK for me at the moment.
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