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Convert 4 NAND Gates on Schematic to a single chip in PCB
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eriklat 1 year ago
I have a schematic containing 4 NAND gates and I am using a 14 pin Quad NAND chip. How do I make the schematic with 4 NAND gates convert to the same single chip in PCB? How can 4 different schematic components point to a partial footprint of the same PCB component? ![image.png](//![image.png](//
andyfierman 1 year ago
You need to understand sub-parts and how to use them. If you set the prefix of your gates to Un.1, Un.2, Un.3 and  Un.4, where n is the packages device prefix, then that tells the tool that each gate is part of the same package. You also need to edit the pin numbers for the symbol of each gate to match the package pin numbers. One (or more) of the symbols must have the power supply pins made visible and set to the relevant VDD and GND pin numbers. Alternatively find a 4 or 5 sub part symbol for the CD4011 that is already in the library. For a detailed description of subparts please read the Tutorial (1) and How to create findable footprints and searchable symbols (2.3) in Welcome to EasyEDA (2) in: [](
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