Convert through hole to SMD
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Paul Meyer 1 year ago
I am designing a PCB for the first time in EasyEDA. I want to know what is the best way to convert a through hole component for mounting on a single sided board. I want to remove the pads and replace with a surface mount rectangle, so I can mount the component on top of the PCB and not going through.
Paul Meyer 1 year ago
OK, I think I found it. Select the hole and on the right panel, set to top layer and the holes are removed.
andyfierman 1 year ago
@pdmeyer07, That's correct but it sounds like you are creating a PCB without first creating a schematic. Although this is possible in EasyEDA it is strongly recommend that you do not do this. That can easily lead to chaos so please read (1) and (2) in the link below first; [https://easyeda\.com/andyfierman/Welcome\_to\_EasyEDA\-31e1288f882e49e582699b8eb7fe9b1f]( Please also see: [https://easyeda\.com/forum/topic/The\_best\_way\_to\_design\_a\_PCB\_in\_EasyEDA\-ThR3pwqIC]( [https://easyeda\.com/forum/topic/How\_does\_the\_Connect\_Pad\_to\_Pad\_tool\_work\_\-JgQO0Ay7H](
DhanushJagadeesh 10 months ago
i want to convert the surface to through hole, how to do it
andyfierman 10 months ago
Layer in: [](
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