Copper Area "Edit Points" Problem
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rom1nux 2 years ago
Hello, 1. Create new PCB in "mm" ![Image2.png](// 2. Put the grid to 2mm 3. Create quicly square copper area ![Image5.png](// 4. Adjust the point with "Edit Points" tools ![Image7.png](// 5. As you see points are not at the good place ! ![Image9.png](// Hope this help
andyfierman 2 years ago
* I can confirm that the points for the copper area do not correspond with the XY co-ordinates that you would expect them to be from the **Edit Points** tool.  * It also ignores the Origin. The Canvas is set to mm, 2mm Grid, 1mm Snap, 0.5mm Alt Snap. Here's what my copper area is set to: ![image.png](// and here's where the copper are is placed. You can see that the Origin is off to the left outside the copper area boundary and not in the centre of it: ![image.png](//
rom1nux 2 years ago
Hello @andyfierman, Thanks for confirmation. Tips : After reopening the project I can user the Edit Points tools work. I think the "unit" (mm/mil) is not take in account at project creation. (It probably think it's in "mil" instead if you set "mm", after reopen the proper unit seem to be loaded)
UserSupport 2 years ago
At v6.2, the edit point will change back to use canvas coordinate, display and edit.
rom1nux 2 years ago
@UserSupport, Nice, thanks for your quick reply ! Really good utility, Really good Job, thanks all the EasyEDA team for me please !
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