Copper Pour Improvements
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lynxlabeling 4 months ago
Copper pours are sometimes difficult to manage. Here are some suggested improvements: 1\. Expand the selection width criteria for clicking on a copper pour outline\. Currently\, the active selection width of the copper outline is very difficult to move the cursor over to select it due to it being so narrow\. Instead of 1 or 2 pixels\, make the selection width 4 to 8 pixels\. If this is not clear\, the selection width is the area where the cursor changes to the select cursor\, and clicking will select the copper area\. 2\. In the copper area manager window\, when a copper area is selected\, also select it in the PCB editor\. In this way\, provide an alternate means to select a copper pour in cases where selecting one in the editor may be difficult\. 3\. In the copper area manager window\, add a button to rebuild the selected copper area\. 4\. When a copper area is selected in the PCB editor\, the editing pane provides a select menu for the type of pour \- no solid\, solid\, grid\. This should be changed to remove the "no solid" option from the menu and make a checkbox called "filled"\, which when checked applies the type of pour fill\. The reason for this change is to make it easier to edit the PCB when there are copper pours\. Many times\, the fill needs to be turned off in order to make routing & trace editing easier without the distraction of both the pour and the DRC flags when making these changes\. Currently\, one must select "no solid" for the fill\, make the edits and then select the fill type again from a menu\, then click "rebuild copper area"\. If instead\, this change is made\, and then when the "rebuild copper area" button is clicked\, the "fill" checkbox should automatically be clicked and the fill applied\. This allows this editing process to required only two clicks \- one to turn off fill\, and another to rebuild\, instead of the current process requiring changing a menu twice and another click\.
UserSupport 4 months ago
hi at present 1, please zoom in the PCB and then select the copper outline, we had been set the selection width bigger but that impact the other object selection, then we use currect setting 2, got it 3, we will think about it 4, maybe you need to use Invisible Copper area? SHIFT+M ![图片.png](// Thanks
lynxlabeling 4 months ago
Thanks for the reply and info. On #1, I guess it is something to be explored further to resolve. In the meantime, I'll use your suggestion. On #4, I did not know that feature existed. The resolves this item completely. I like that solution even better than the one I suggested. Thanks for the tip.
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