Copper Trail fot mains 240 V supply
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ashusnu 1 year ago
Hi I am desigining PCB where I have added screw terminal for AC Mains input which is then connected to AC Input of HiLink 5V - 5W Converted. I Have question what should be trail width from screw terminal to HiLink Input. Will it work on 1 oz of copper.? Thanks in advance.
andyfierman 1 year ago
1. You need to consider the creepage and clearance distances required for you mains voltage. 2. You also need to work out what current is flowing in that track and then decide what temperature rise above ambient is acceptable for that track.  3. Then use tables or an online calculator to work out what track width you need to stay below that temperature rise.  4. If you cannot accommodate the width then you must either got to 2oz copper or use copper on more layers. For more on creepage and clearance distances see: []( For more on trace width calculations see this topic: [](
GerritMax 1 year ago
Not sure if this is of any use [](
Markus_ee 11 months ago
Hi! When dealing with AC mains, it is vital to separate AC mains from the low voltage DC side. Clearance, creepage and making isolation slots are a key to make a safe PCB where you can wire your mains in without fearing that you burn your house down :-) -Markus
sbatraAmolvo 4 months ago
@andyfierman Hi, I am working on a similar product. Is there a feature in EasyEDA to check for Creepage. I can see that the clearance can be checked with the DRC feature but couldn't find anything for Creepage.
andyfierman 4 months ago
@sbatraAmolvo, Welcome to EasyEDA. There are no built-in tools in EasyEDA to check creepage distance. In fact the Clearance that EasyEDA checks in the DRC and Design Manager are not the same as those for high voltage clearance because they do not take into account the effects of solder mask. Clearance in EasyEDA is purely straight line copper to copper clearance and must be set by the user after consulting suitable external sources of information, such as the links above, to set a suitable clearance taking into account board finish, cleanliness, humidity and altitude.
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