Copper area no longer works
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grafalex 1 week ago
I would like to add ground copper area to my PCB ([https://easyeda\.com/editor\#id=1c84f9033af4487bb82d24a9e845125c\|2ef221c521474696ba044a7bebf7602c](|2ef221c521474696ba044a7bebf7602c)) Unfortunately copper area I added does not look solid - only dash frame is visible. I set net name to 'GND', tried different options, presset 'rebuild copper area' button multiple times, but it did not help. Does anyone know what could go wrong?
andyfierman 1 week ago
@grafalex, I have taken a copy of your project and I see the same problem. The Gerbers do not show any copper area. Sorry but I have no idea what might be wrong. * Have you tried creating a simple test PCB to see if that shows the same problem? * You may want to change or repost this thread as a Bug Report. Note that the footprint for U2 has text on the copper layer. This should probably be on the silkscreen or Document layer instead.
grafalex 6 days ago
@andyfierman, On a new PCB document copper area works fine. Moreover I had a copper area on my PCB a few days ago before I decided to make a few tweaks. I deleted previous copper area to simplify routing new components. I was hoping I can re-add it later. I corrected the test for U2. Good catch.
andyfierman 6 days ago
I suspect that your EasyEDA Source file may have become corrupted somehow. I did have a look though it to see if it was anything obvious but could spot anything. Contact Support @ EasyEDA . com with a link to the project so they can have a look at it?
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