Copper that does not belong, can't get rid of it
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Joseph Massimino 4 months ago
This shows a bit of copper that I can't get off of the image of the board. Any ideas of how to get rid of it might help. This is just another bug in the software that they will blame on me. It is on the bottom left connector sticking out to the left. I can scrape it off my own test board, but I can't have the board made this way. Oh, and the other trace that does not reach the pad is something that is not correct. Go ahead and tell me what I did wrong. ![image.png](//
UserSupport 3 months ago
Calm down, I can't reproduce your problem,  there is no useful information, if there any bugs, we can't fix it from this topic. We need: 1, more detail steps 2, PCB as EasyEDA format, send to [email protected] 3, GIF or mp4 will be better.
MikeDB 3 months ago
Just right click where you want to get rid of something and select Delete Node
Joseph Massimino 3 months ago
Mike, the problem I fixed by deleting it all. The issue was that the board looked good, it was only when I produced a 1:1 pdf that those faults showed up.   So there are things that can go wrong that you can't see, much like in word processing with hidden formatting commands that are changing what you see. Only in word processing you can fix those with no problem. If they implement a feature to show all formatting used on the screen, it may be easier to see what is causing some issues. I still have the one board I made that somehow dropped the one trace from the power connector to the switch, which requires me to add one wire to fix it. That is not what I wanted to do, and the prototype I made from the  file had that trace on it, so I am baffled why is went away when I uploaded the Gerber files to make the boards.
martin 3 months ago
Share that project, maybe?
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