Copper Pour
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ecadblue 7 years ago
Does EasyEDA have the ability to add a copper pour? If so how? The copper pour area is normally defined and any tracks existing within the area are isolated so they don't short to the pour. For example, two layer board with some traces routed on the bottom. A copper pour is added to the bottom and given the "ground" label. When components on the top side with schematic connections to ground are connected by via to the copper pour, the PCB connection to ground is completed. (To be exact, the copper pour is connected to a ground pin with a track.) Can this be done with EasyEDA?
dillon 7 years ago
If we can't provide **Copper Pour**, EasyEDA is not a really EDA. So add a copper pour in easyeda is very easy. So try to take a look our help file at <> if you just need to take a look **Copper Pour**, check here <> Dillon
romeo 6 years ago
Hi, can we control the minimum width of copper pour? Now there are some very thin lines between some pads. Thanks, Romeo
andyfierman 6 years ago
@romeo, Welcome to EasyEDA. * I assume from your description that the 'very thin lines between some pads' are *not* isolated copper. If they *are* isolated then please check the **Copper/Area Properties > Keep Island > No** option. ![Copper/Area Properties > Keep Island > No][1] * To control the thickness of copper areas left by the copper pour process please adjust **Copper/Area Properties > Clearance**: ![enter image description here][2] Then **Rebuild CopperArea**. :) [1]: /editor/20150923/56027415bea90.png [2]: /editor/20150923/5602863f2a65d.png
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