Create a rectangular filled region on a layer but with holes in it
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mbratch 3 months ago
I know how to make a rectangular region on a given layer and assign it a net. However, I can also make some arbitrary polygonal shapes using the tools. However, I don't see how to make shapes that have holes in them. I don't care if the holes are round or square. I'm just trying to create a solid rectangular region that dodges a few vias but is otherwise continuous and is all assigned to a particular net. I can build one with several rectangles, but then all the rectangles are separate and electrically not connected. Is there a way to create one big rectangle and then cut holes in it?
andyfierman 3 months ago
A Copper Area assigned to a net will automatically create a clearance between itself and anything on a different net. In other words, it will auto-generate holes in itself to avoid anything it is not connected to. The clearance for a Copper Area can be set up in the Copper Area Manager. [](<br> <br> Or you can generate a Rectangle and then place one or more Solid Regions set to No Solid to insert copper-free area(s). [](
mbratch 3 months ago
@andyfierman that's brilliant! I hadn't played with the Copper Area feature yet. That works perfectly for my needs.
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