Cursor data gets in way of seeing traces
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example 8 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: The Cursor data readout somethimes over lays the parts of the trace wnere the cursor has been placed. The user can see the readout data but not the trace to which it refers. Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Run sim 2. Move cursor into trace area and move to right. Results: Cursor data readout overlays trace where cursor is on that trace so user cannot see the trace that the data is from. Expected results: Trace should always be fully visible. Cursor data needs to be outside plot area. Url: Browser:Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/30.0.1599.114 Chrome/30.0.1599.114 Safari/537.36
dillon 8 years ago
Can you upload a image? Thanks.
example 8 years ago
I think I have managed to upload the image for: but just in case I have made a mistake, I have copied the text and a link to it here just in case: ============== ![Alt text](/edaImg/1384727941_cursor-readout-overlays-trace-where-cursor-marker-is.png) The cursor on the v(vout) trace is in the upper right of waveform area. The cursor readout is also in the upper right of waveform area and is on top of - and therefore hides - the part of the v(out) trace which the user want to look at! ==============
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