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DRC Error from Connection of Uncommon Nets
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zanemorris 11 months ago
To preface my question, this is my first PCB design, and am new to both EasyEDA and the terminology used in PCB design. With that said, please let me know if I am doing something stupid, or using incorrect terminology in the below description. I have a 2-pin JST connector that supplies 9V power to my PCB; 1 pin is 9V signal and the other is GND signal. The JST connector footprint has 2 multi-layer pads accordingly. I need to connect the common ground trace to this 2nd pin on the JST, labelled as 'U3_2' in the PCB (see first 2 pictures). ![P1.jpg](// ![P2.jpg](// However, when I go to drag the GND trace over this U3_2 pad, I get a yellow X, and an associated design rule error regarding clearance (see picture 3). ![P3.jpg](// The only explanation for this (to me) is that EasyEDA doesn't like the non-matching net names, even though they are connected in the schematic. I have the same DRC error for pin U3_1. My questions then are as follows: 1) How can I rectify the DRC error? 2) If I can't, can I create the trace and void the DRC errors? Will I still be able to get the PCB manufactured? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
andyfierman 11 months ago
Can you either make your project public and post the link to it here or uniquely identify exactly which part the JST XH-2A COPY is in the library please? []( Try extending the GND symbols away from pin 2 of U3 to create a short length of net in the schematic. Then do **Update PCB... **
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