Can't change the layer SMT pads are placed on in V6.4.16
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cpblakenv 2 days ago
When placing surface mount pads, changing the active layer doesn't change which layer the pad is placed on.
MrToM 1 day ago
There isn't an option to place 'surface mount' pads specifically so I assume you mean just a normal Pad(P)? These are, (and have been in the previous version), initially placed on the Multi-Layer layer, as they are essentially a PTH. _ After placement, and regardless of which 'layer' is selected in the Layers and Objects panel, the PTH can be changed to a pad on either the Top Layer or the Bottom Layer, just select the PTH and change its layer in the right hand panel.(The first option in the list) _ Any further Pad(P) placed will default to your last change, so if you change an existing pad, (created using Pad(P)), to the Top Layer then any further Pad(P) will automatically be placed on the Top Layer. Same for Bottom and Multi layers. _ Once your pad is on the correct layer you can of course then edit how you need it. _ Regards.
andyfierman 1 day ago
@cpblakenv, Pad layer assignment and placement has not changed in V6.4.16. * Therefore this is not a valid Bug Report: please change the Category of this topic from Bug Report to PCB Layout. * To answer your question: EasyEDA remembers which choice of Multi-layer, Top Layer or Bottom Layer was made when placing or assigning a layer to the last pad that was placed. The pad layer and therefore the type of pad is selected by the Layer attribute in the top of the right hand Properties panel: ![image.png](// So, assuming that the last pad that was placed was assigned as a Multi-layer pad (i.e. through hole), then to change it to a Top or Bottom Layer (i.e. a single layer surface mount pad with no through hole, on the top or the bottom layer): 1. select the pad; 2. click on the Layer property and select Top or Bottom Layer.
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