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Distribute circular array moving issue
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fatalmk1 2 weeks ago
Hi there, working on some automotive led boards in the PCB editor and am having an issue with the distribute array tool. Essentially, Ive placed the footprint for a tc2528 LED, added a via to the GND plane in the center, and drawn a track from the via to the GND pin of the LED. I can use the array clone tool to create a string of leds and the software will clone the footprint, VIA, and the track from the via to the GND pad, as well as if ive added tracks from the DO pin to the DI of the next LED. No problems there for rectangular arrays. What i need to do is distribute that string of 36 around a circle, but using the distribute array tool rotates the tracks separately from the footprints or the vias/pads they need to connect to. The group tool wont group tracks with footprints. I think it can be done, as i have a set of boards that were designed by somebody else in easyeda, and i can see that he was able to do exactly this. Thanks for the help!![tc2528mod1.png](//![tc2528mod2.png](//![tc2528mod3.png](//
UserSupport 3 days ago
Hi doesn't support this feature, or you can try Pro editon, you can group the routed component, and then rotate them if your PCB no schematic, suggest you ungroup and group this component to make them as a complete footprint
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