Drag component without breaking wire
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mattftw 3 months ago
Hi How do i drag a component without the wiring becoming broken (as seen in this video): [https://streamable.com/aidarl](https://streamable.com/aidarl) Im reluctant to make anything even slightly complicated due to this issue. Thanks
deskpro256 2 months ago
Hello. Maybe try to not have the connections so far apart and select the whole circuit to move. Use net labels, ports to some short wires if you need to connect parts that are far apart. The spaghetti wiring only confuses and leads to errors. Haven't had problems like this. Group your circuits together in a meaningful way, also make the schematic flow. Use the left side of the area as the "input" circuitry side and the left as the "output" where possible. In the gif you can see I tried to replicate your issue, where I didn't have the same result, maybe you have an older version?. Also you can see some of my projects, where I have grouped the circuits together and made a box around it, you can do that or leave them just grouped without the box. To each his own. They aren't anything complicated, but for an A4 size they have enough components where I even had to make another sheet for other parts of the schematic. ![Screenshot_1.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/riz9BK5P30KesWoyRrxLyZESD7DT07trb90jRKuK.png) ![Veri_bed_UI_I_mean_inginer.gif](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/fTTljRhfJYWPwW0O2QEx9tf8BwS9bdEahxXEYTjy.gif) Hope this can help you.
Fabian Stucker 2 months ago
I'm also new and encounter the same problem as mattftw. I'm using firefox and since it's browser based, should be the newest version?
andyfierman 2 months ago
@fabian.stucker, Please refer to deskpro256's reply above. If this issue is important to you please consider creating a new post in the Feature Request category together with an animated gif to illustrate the behaviour that you would like to see improved
deskpro256 2 months ago
I tried this in the browser, check your version, if you haven't agreed to the update, there may be a different version on your browser. Other than that I can only suggest moving the entire circuit and just adjusting the wires etc. This part of electronics design is a bit tedious, but in a way creative and for me, relaxing, especially routing :D
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