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Easy EDA is so confusing, how can I manage custom components?
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Marvin Hensbergen 7 months ago
Hi all, Sorry for my frustration, but Easy EDA is one of the most confusing pieces of software I encountered in my life. I just try to pick a component from the user contributed stuff, add a 3D model, also from the user contributed 3D models, change a few pads in the footprint, and remove 4 connections in the schematic symbol. I tried many things, but after hours of struggling and reading guides, I still don't grasp what the structure is of all these components and their symbols, footprints and 3D models. Just to name a few issues... -Sometimes I manage to change the symbol, save it, and nothing is change in the lib, only when save as, but than in duplicates everything again. -Sometimes when I just want to a 3D model, click save changes, it doesn't add a 3d model. -In the lib, I can't see or manage if the part has a 3d model or not. \- It's unclear if cloning symbols is required\, and if so\, what is a symbol anyway? is that the collection of schematic\, footprint and 3d model? It's all so painful when you want to try something that seems so easy, and it's so not intuitive.
UserSupport 6 months ago
Hi symbol = part = component, it need to bind the footprint footprint need to bind the 3D model lib you can import the 3D model lib, or modify it and you can save as the user contributed part to your personal libs you can place the symbol to the schematic, place the footprint to PCB
andyfierman 5 months ago
@mwhensbergen, Have you read (2.2) and (2.3) in (2) in: [](<br> <br> They attempt to explain the relationship between the schematic symbol and the PCB footprint.
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