EasyEDA BoM parsing error also breaks the JLCPCB SMT assembly BoM processing.
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andyfierman 2 weeks ago
Nexperia have some part numbers that have two parts to them separated by a comma. This causes a parsing error in the BoM creation tool and breaks the JLCPCB SMT assembly BoM processing. Below is a demonstration from this user post: [https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/Why-can-t-I-get-the-LED-assembled-dangerous-bug-no-warning-9e578bef1a904506b22d2b0e3e8ce327](https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/Why-can-t-I-get-the-LED-assembled-dangerous-bug-no-warning-9e578bef1a904506b22d2b0e3e8ce327) For example this is what happens when the Nexperia part "74HC595D, 118" is listed in the BoM: The original part number field of “74HC595D, 118” has been parsed incorrectly by the BoM creation tool and it has been split into two fields: “74HC595D" and "118” and this has messed up all the following fields by pushing them one - and then further right where the same parsing error has occurred again; two - columns to the right. This has then also messed up the parsing of the **Designator** field contents of "U1, U2" by splitting that into two separate fields: "U1" and "U2" So the whole row in the BoM is broken because the column contents no longer represent the correct information fields: ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/3KATWF8eGtXLiSCpAxZU9NKMnIDnJ1Dz6JWfVIWC.png)
UserSupport 2 weeks ago
We will use " " to contain this charaters. from 74HC595D, 118 to "74HC595D, 118" but this still can not solve the issue which is part's name contains " ,    such as (74HC595D, 118 " )
UserSupport 2 weeks ago
The finally method is export as xlsx file instead of csv. That is no plan at present.
sennert 1 week ago
I have the same Problem with several Projects. JLPCB upload and LCSC Upload make a mess with the datastructure. Never been an issue before and i've used the upload functioni . quite heavily :)
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